Owingsville ky high school abuse of attority

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Worried mother

Can anyone let me no if your kids are being bullied by the principal and high up in school system I think they are trying to get rid of kid that aren't rich even though they are good students.

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Worried mother

I guess that everyone thinks it's ok for the school system to lie to the parents and the kids in bath county myself I am proud of the kids for being open and honest with everyone wish the grown up where just as honest

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It’s not ok. But we need to share this on Facebook and bring more people to this topic.

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Upset school

On radio last night they were talking about a 6 year old charging him if someone accidentally touches someone with there elbow they get charged with assault it not right it not my child but I did type the employees lying on children if had gone to all involved wouldn't have known all the nasty stuff they were saying about are kid the kids don't even want to yback to school because if adult act like that they don't e to be adult

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Worried mother

I would but I don't have y Facebook

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Worried mother :

I would but I don't have y Facebook

That's actually good. Facebook is shit.

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