From the Elders wife?

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You talkin’ to me?

From the Elders wife:
Old church of God of the new covenant 1 cor. 1:2- Gal. 1:13- Jer. 31:31-Heb. 8:1-13- Eph. 2:15-21.

Out of our mouths come the words that can defile us.
The book of James is inspired to help us be aware of the danger of our wagging tongues.
Read the third chapter of James verses 1-18.

The Christian will seek to honor our father and the practice of Phillipians 4:8-9.

We bad mouth, besmirch, put down, slander, tarnish, belittle, and dishonor others with our tongue. Most of our world’s problems are due to bad media, and our judgments against others. All of this exists because we have a need to control anyone but ourselves. However, the condition stems from human greed, lust, and selfishness.

The next time you open your mouth, let every word be positive and uplifting. Behave as if you are speaking to the Lord himself because he is the silent listener to each and every conversation. Matthew 12: 36-37.

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My daddy was Uranus Father Sky, the Ancient Greek personification of the heavens and, for a while, the ruler of the known universe. Fatherless, he was conceived by Gaea alone, with whom he formed the primordial couple, thus becoming an ancestor of almost all Greek gods. However, he was a cruel husband, and he didn’t allow any of his children to leave the womb of their mother, which eventually led to a rebellion and his demise at the hands of his son, Cronus.

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